Location and climate

Skiing resort Bakuriani is located in Borjomi, one of the most beautiful gorges of Georgia. It is built on the northern slopes of Trialeti Range (Small Caucasian) at an elevation of 1.700 meters above sea level.

Bakuriani is recognized for its location. It is surrounded by mountains from all sides covered by coniferous forests (mainly made up of spruce, pine-tree, Chinese navy blue fir and other). Coniferous forests make the air crystal fresh. There are alpine slopes above the forests. World-known unique mineral waters of Borjomi take it origin in here.

The unique and characteristic climate is the cause of resort’s location in sub-tropical zone at a comparative height. Summers are relatively cool (average temperature in August +140C). By the end of September it starts freezing. Winters are moderate (average temperature in January is -5,60C). The depth of snow is 60 cm on average. Duration of sunshine exceeds 2000 hours a year. Dry mountainous air full of aroma of coniferous forests as well as huge amount of solar radiation creates favorable conditions for effective climatic therapy of those suffering.

Unique climatic conditions make Bakuriani not only a seasonal but also a permanent resort capable to attract various people meaning that in winters it is the most appreciated place of meeting for winter sports amateurs (the season starts in November and continues until mid-April); while in summers it is more a classical resort for families with children. Cool summer, mountains with forests, marvelous views, fresh air, many tourist routes to Tskhratskaro Range, Tabatskuri and Kakhisi lakes, Borjomi Gorge and historical monuments are the best cause to spend summer holidays with families.

Ski Tracks

“Twenty-Five Meter Ski Track”, “Tatra”, “Didi Veli”, the Park – these are the ski and entertainment locations in Bakuriani today.

“Twenty-Five Meter Ski Track” is the name of a place, which is located near ski jumps, actually the reason for naming it so. There are six cableways from 130 to 400 meters, including one to climb with sledges, another one - with chairs and other four with plain-laid ropes.

“Tatra” is located in 4 kilometers from Bakuriani center. There are two plain-lap rope cable-cars here (1.700 m and 400 m).

A universal cable way of European standards - Gondola, was opened on the territory of mountain Didveli. Length of the track is 1.650 meters. There are different lines for tourists and sportsmen.